October 29, 1891
The Fair!  A Grand Success!

The first fair ever held in Cleburne County far exceeded what had been hoped for by its most sanguine advocates.  There were 347 entries, besides many articles exhibited which no premium was offered on.  The display of textile fabrics was pronounced the finest ever seen by hundreds.  The canned goods and preserve exhibit was simply immense, and the farm products could not be excelled.  The fruit was the pride of all, while the mineral, flowers, art, birds, and stock were far better than had been expected, and the wine department would do justice to a California exposition.

There were hundreds of people who made no exhibit, but will be on hand next year.

Hon. J.M. Brundidge was present and delivered an able address, and M.R. White’s prize essay on Cleburne County was read amid great applause.

Books were opened for the subscription of stock to an agricultural and industrial association, and $2,050.00 was promptly subscribed.  Stock is still being taken and a year hence, we predict the Cleburne County Fair will be the pride of Arkansas.

* Abstracts from The Jacksonian Newspaper:
Published in Heber Springs, Arkansas, 1890-1893
Compiled by Desmond Walls Allen

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